Ubud Day Tours in Bali


OM SUASTIASTU (Greeting from Bali)

Welcome to Bali Island

ubud bali day tourAt first, thank you so much for opening our site,  we work in tour organizer, we could be your local best partner while your vacation in Bali. It is my pleasure to introduce you to our website Ubud Bali Day Tourand welcome you to a fabulous Balinese experience. I am a Balinese with extensive taxi and tour guide experiences, I am familiar with the Balinese way of life which I am proud to share with you…!

As a local I will be so happy to assist you, with anything that you want to know or explore during your vacation in the island of Bali. The Culture,traditions, local life activities,landscape,nature. In this case, with a great happiness I am ready to share and be your local assistant.

Start your adventure with me at the time of your arrival at the airport any time of day or night is good for me to collect you. We will explore the most amazing scenic and cultural places in Bali in a true authentic way and I will leave you with some beautiful magical Balinese memories and experiences to take home with you.

Bali is a place that dreams are made of; a volcanic island of terraces, emerald rice field, tropical forest a magical delicate culture of music, art, dance, daily ritual  and exotic temples, all surrounded by a warm, silken sea. The island greatest treasure is its people charming, endlessly gracious and mysteriously able to balance the modern world with ancient traditions and a unique spirituality.

Bali is one of the smaller islands in the Indonesian archipelago but it is the most important tourism destination in this vast island nation. You can easily get to any places on Bali in several hours. But to the Balinese, the island is their universe, a world unto itself. Don’t expect and don’t try to rush around seeing all the temples and other cultural attraction on the island. The island scenery and fleeting glimpses of everyday life are just as rewarding. Best of all is to turn a corner and find a procession of ceremony and the bustle of temple festival.

Bali storing natural beauty and unique culture that remains deeply embedded. Besides the hospitality of the population that is characteristic of the island of Bali, so it can make us feel at home traveled to destinations this island. Bali has a variety of area attractions including beaches, mountains, fields and even the village and residents with its unique culture and distinctive, historical places with a thick mystique and of course the natural beauty that is very charming. There are so many works of art produced from the hands – the hands of local residents which is very interesting and unique like painting, batik, gold/silver and etc. Here, I am as Bali Tour Driver would like to offer several choices of bali tour packages for interesting sights and much visited by tourists that can you see on my tour packages.

Ubud tour is one of our special tour packages most selected by tourists visiting Bali where tourists will visit cultural attractions and natural scenery are very famous in bali, and I will accompany you as your personal tour driver.



OM SHANTI, SHANTI, SHANTI OM (Its mean, hope all live in peace)