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Three Days Highlight Tours in Bali

Three days Bali Tours

This is our three days tours package that we customize for our costumer while their travelling in Bali, so it will be much easier for them to explore Bali island and see most of the places in three days. Via this package we believe you will see spirit of Bali deeper and learn so much about it. This package will take you to experiences and to see different direction of Bali island, such as Middle part of Bali, Eastern part of Bali and the Western Part of Bali island and it is considered almost 80 percent the highlight of Bali. As you know Bali well known as the paradise island and also the island with thousands of temples and here is the way to see all of those things. Come and let explore it with us Ubud Bali Day Tour.

Tours Price : …….?

Type               : Private tours/ duration 8 to 10 hours

Note              : please contact us regarding the price and any question about this tours

The tours inclusion: Local guide, mineral water, parking fees, traditional clothing to enter the temple

The tours exclusion: Entrance ticket, lunch and personal expenses

  1. Middle Bali Tour

Here we are!

At first, we will pick you up at 8.00 am, it is to avoid the traffic on the way.

Tour itineraries:

  • First, we will go to see the beautiful waterfall names
  • Then, we will visit Monkey Forest that located in Ubud village, this place as one of the highlights in ubud as we know that ubud is located in the center of Bali island and it is famous for the artistic things and obviously with the greenery and beautiful landscape.
  • After that, we will continue to the Rice Terraces of tegallang to have your amazing picture, here we will learn about the farming activities and the irrigation system.
  • Next, we will visit one of the Hindu temple names Pura Tirte Empul or as known as the holy spring temple. Surely, we will learn about Hindu in Bali, the tradition and the culture.
  • Then coffee plantation visiting to try the famous coffee name Luwak.
  • After that, we will visit the village of Kintamani for having your lunch while enjoy the view of the volcano.
  • The last, we will visit the Balinese house, it is mean one of the local houses to study the local life activities.
  • Then back to the hotel.

ubud bali day tour


tirte empul

  1. Eastern Bali Tours

Pick up will be at 5.00 am

Tour itineraries:

  • At first, we will visit the gate of heaven lempuyang.
  • The water palace of Tirta Gangga
  • The king palace of Taman Ujung Soekasada
  • The virgin beaches
  • Back to the Hotel


tirta gangga 2


  1. Western Bali Tours

Pick time will be at 8.00 am

Tours itineraries:

  • In the beginning, we will see the Ulun Danu Beratan Temple
  • Jatiluwih rice terraces as one of the UNESCO sites
  • Pura Batukaru is one of the hidden temples in western part of Bali
  • Tanah lot temple for the sunset
  • Back to the hotel


ubud bali day tour

ubud bali day tour

Those some pictures that we put to have some ideas about the places and this day tours, please send us an email for further information regarding this Tour!

Email                      : ubudbalidaytour@gmail.com / info@ubudbalidaytour.com

Fast respond WA : +6287761022499

We are looking forward to be your holiday partner in Bali, hope to see you in Bali !

Bali Tour, Temples, Rice terraces, Balinese Compound

Bali Tour, Temples, Rice Terraces, Balinese Compound

Welcome to one of our best best tour product of Bali, this day tour package will take you to see the real local life in Bali. This day tour package will show to you the Temples, Rice Terraces, Balinese compound and the best panorama in Bali that will amaze you and give you unforgettable experience to bring back home. Our best local tour guide will handle you properly and make sure to answer all the question from you. Lets prove it and we guarantee your satisfaction with us, see you in Bali.

Price : ….?

Note : please send us email regarding the price and any question about this day tour.

Itineraries : we will pick you up from your hotel at 8.00 am

We will visiting;

  • Pura Goa Gajah or as known as the elephant cave temple is amazing place to see and one of our historical temple in Bali that predicted built in 9 century.
  • Tegallang Rice terraces is one of the popular rice terraces that located in Ubud area, the amazing view will giving you very nice picture and we could learn about the irrigation system that we have in Bali..
  • Pura Tirta Empul or in English they called it the holy spring temple. one of the most important temple in Bali that used lots by the local people for the purification in Bali.
  • coffee plantation for our break times.
  • lunch at the Batur Volcano with the best panorama in Bali.
  • The last visit one of the local house to see and learn about the Balinese compound and local life activities.
  • back to the hotel.

Inclusion : Private car, local guide, parking fees, sarong to enter the temples, mineral water

Exclusion : Entrance ticket, lunch and your personal expenses

for your further information please contact us through :

Email                ; info@ububalidaytour.com / ubudbalidaytour@gmail.com

Fast respond : WA +6287761022499

We are looking forward to be a part of your holiday in Bali, see you in Bali !

ubud bali day tour

ubud bali day tour


ubud bali day tour


Come and join with us and get your super unforgettable experiences in Bali, we are safe,clean, comfortable, flexible and knowledgeable 🙂 !

ubud bali day tour

Bali Arts & Temple Tours


Dear wonderful people, this is our interesting product that will show you the real Arts, Traditional dancing and Hindu temples in Bali. On this package we will mostly explore the area of Ubud that very popular with the artistic things. Here you will see directly how the local people make a piece of art in manual way which will amaze you. on this package you optionally could support the local artist as well.

Price:  …….?

Note : please send us an email regarding the price and any question about this tour!  

The itineraries : Pick up will be at 08.00 am from your hotel in Bali.

  • At first, we will visit the traditional dancing called Barong & Keris Dance, this is one of the traditional dancing in Bali that very unique to see and very special with Balinese music instrument called Gambelan. It will perform about one hour.
  • Then we will continue to Celuk village to see the jewelry maker from gold or silver with Balinese style. you could see how they make it in manual way.
  • After that, we will visit one of the Balinese house, we called Umah Bali, we will see how the local people build their house originally with Balinese architecture.
  • Then continue to the village of Mas, this village very popular with the art that they made from wood,  you will be amaze with the local artist who very patient doing this and still manually.
  • One of the best Tegenungan Waterfall
  • Goa Gajah Temple 
  • Coffee plantation
  • Semar Kuning Artist Cooperative, this place especially for painting art.
  • Back to the hotel

Inclusion : private car, local guide, mineral water, parking fees, sarong to enter the temple

Exclusion : Entrance ticket, lunch and your personal expenses.

for further information send us email please ;

Email              : info@ubudbalidaytour.com / ubudbalidaytour@gmail.com

Fast respond : WA +6287761022499

This tour product also could be customize base on your request !

Our pleasure to be a part of your holiday in Bali and We looking forward to see you in Bali 🙂 !

ubud bali day tour

ubud bali day tour

ubud bali day tour

ubud bali day tour


ubud bali day tour


ubud bali day tour

Bali Historical Tours

Bali Historical Tour

At first, we welcome you to one of our best products in Bali. Bali Historical tour will be giving you the best education program that combine with wonderful ancient architecture that connected with Bali tradition, culture and historical site that predicted built and were there since a thousand of years ago. This day trip will amaze you, showing you the culture and the tradition that we have in Bali then for sure will give you memorable experiences in Bali.

Tour price: …..?

Note: please send us an email regarding the price and any question about this tour!

Tour Itineraries:

We will pick you up at your hotel at 7.30 am to avoid the crowded

  • At first, we will Visiting Yeh pulu temple that predicted built in 14 centuries
  • Then we continue to Goa gajah temple that predicted built in 9 centuries
  • Next to the beautiful old temple names Pura Gunung kawi that predicted built in 11 centuries
  • Then continue to the Coffee plantation for having our break time
  • After that, the Rice terraces of tegallang, here we will learn about the irrigation system and how the rice works for local people
  • Then back to hotel.

Inclusion   : Experiences local guide, private car, parking fees, mineral water, sarong to enter the temple

Exclusions: Entrance ticket, lunch and your personal expenses


ubud bali day tour

ubud bali day tour

for further information please contact us through :

Email : ubudbalidaytour@gmail.com

WA : +6287761022499

Thank-you, we are looking forward to see you in Bali !

ubud bali day tour

Bali Traditional Farming Activities ( Balinese experiences)

Dear wonderful people, thank you for opening this very different tour package. This is our very special tour package, that will bring you into a real Balinese experience. This is related to Local life, tradition, community, farmers, irrigation system and local manual way. we believe this package will give you unforgettable and the best experience ever. come and join with us!

Tour price : ……?

Note : please send us an email regarding the price and any question about this tour!

Tour Itineraries:

  • At first you will be pick up at your hotel at 07.30 am, after that we will drive you to a place name Keramas Village. After we get there our professional local guide will welcome you with a fresh cold drink. They will give you a short briefing about the activities that you will do.
  • In The beginning, they will take you to see the traditional process of making the brick. In Bali the people used this a lot for the building materials. Traditional house uses this kind of brick a lot.
  • After that, you will be visiting one of the holy waters near that village that use a lot for drinking water or blessing. Those waters giving so much life to the people who stay around that village area and very important for them.
  • Next, you continue to see the real Balinese tradition and how the local life activities going on. You will see how the people in Bali doing an offering, how the traditional kitchen in Bali looks like, traditional breakfast in Bali and they cook that in a unique way. You will see the cock fighting activities. They will show to you how they train their chicken before they go for a real fighting, you also could join and train them as well.
  • After that you will have a break time and get some fresh coconut directly from the trees, they will climb it for you directly or if you wish to climb by yourself also could.
  • After a break time finish, you will do the main activities of farming, at first you will take the cows from the cage accompany by an expert, then they will explain to you about the natural fertilizer that coming from the cow poo, and use a lot by the farmers for the rice paddies fertilizer.
  • After that, times to plow the rice field in manual way or Balinese style, you will have so much fun and very exciting. It is very different.
  • Next, after you finish doing that one, you ready to plant the rice seeds and paddies tour. This is a Real experience as a farmer.
  • After everything done, you need to return back the cow and washing them in the river.

After everything Finish, shower time, changing your clothes, and having lunch, Last place you will visiting the butterfly park. this is incredible experiences. In the end of the activities if your wish to see other places near Ubud is possible you might discuss that again with the driver And finally back to Hotel.


The tour including : Private Return transfer, local  guide, welcome drink, all the equipment,

Not Including           : Your Personal expenses

Recommended         : sunblock.

For further information regarding this activities please send us an email or Wa !

Email : info@ubudbalidaytour.com or ubudbalidaytour@gmail.com

Fast respond  through WA : +6287761022499

farming 3

ubud bali day tour

farming 2

batu bata


cock 1

lets come and joining us for your local experiences activities in Bali !

ubud bali day tour

Besakih Eastern Tour, Bali (Explore Deeper)

Dear wonderful people, this product could be your best excursion to know the island of Bali deeper, here we will bring you to explore the eastern part of Bali and see the best places that related to the history, Balinese believe and beautiful panorama surrounding it. we do believe you will get the best and unforgettable experience during your vacation in Bali island. come and book with us.

Tour itineraries: pick up at 08.00 am from you hotel.

Tour price           : …..?

Note                       : please send us an email regarding the price and any question about this tour!

Duration time    : 8 to 10 hours/ private tour.

We will visiting :

  • The first place we will drive you to see the Traditional Village of Penglipuran, here we could see the original architectures of Balinese House since hundreds of year ago, you will see how the house connected with another neighbor’s house and they leave in a good harmony. Community is very important in this village area.
  • After that, we are going to see Pura Besakih which is well known as the biggest temple in Bali that located on the slope of mount Agung, the highest volcano in Bali. This temple is one of the oldest Hindu temples in Bali and very important for Balinese. This temple predicted built in many centuries ago. The architectures and the panorama from this temple will amaze you and give you memorable experiences ever.
  • Next, we will suggest you for having lunch somewhere in the countryside while enjoy the view of the Rice Terraces.
  • After that, we take you to explore the eastern part of Bali deeper, we will visit the water palace of Tirta Gangga, this is the best place to see because of the amazing panorama. and specially it is used by the king for their resting place, beautiful place to enjoy.
  • The last place will be the King palace in eastern part of Bali names Taman Ujung Soekasada, here you will originally see the palace for the king in eastern part of Bali. This palace considers very beautiful and got a unique architecture, beside the historical thing that very interesting to know also we do believe you will spend more time in this palace because of the beauty and the amazing panorama.
  • Finally, back to your Hotel.

The Tour Inclusion : Private car, Local guide, Mineral water, used of sarong to enter the temple, parking fees and taxs.

The Tour Exclusion : The entrance ticket, Lunch and Personal Expenses

For your further information regarding this tour and so on please contact us through;

Email : info@ubudbalidaytour.com / ubudbalidaytour@gmail.com

WA      : +6287761022499


besakih temple

Besakih Temple, Mother Temple

ubud bali day tour

Besakih Temple


Traditional village of Penglipuran

rice terraces 2

Rice Terraces view  

 Taman-Ujung-Karangasem-1-1024x684    tirta gangga 1

Taman Ujung & Tirta Gangga

tirta gangga 2


Don’t just see, please come and join us, we guarantee you for the best experience in Bali. See You In Bali!

ubud bali day tour


Two Days Tour In Bali (Best Bali Experiences)

Two Days Tours In Bali

Welcome to Bali, Dear lovely people Don’t get stuck because you have very short time while your trip in Bali island. Here we provide you one of our best tour packages that should fit with your limited time. This tour package will give you incredible experience about the village of Ubud,Bali. We will really take you the most popular places that located especially in Ubud area. The old Hindu temple, the beautiful panorama of the volcano, the blessing ceremony, the Balinese tradition, culture, rice terraces, local houses, waterfall, coffee plantation, art village in Ubud will be the authentic side to explore while you’re staying in Bali.

Tour Prices : ……..?

Note               : please send us an email regarding the price and any question about this tour!

Duration 8 to 10 hours/ Private Tour

Day 1

Itineraries: Pick up at 8.00 am from your Hotel.

  • In the beginning we will visit the Waterfall of Tegenungan, after that if you wish to visit one the art village especially about the wood carving, we will manage that.
  • Second, we will visit one of the most popular rice terraces name Tegalalang, here we will see the best view of the rice terraces and learning so much about the irrigation system.
  • Next, we continue to one of the Hindu temple names Pura Tirta Empul or as known as the holy spring temple. Here the people normally will do the blessing ceremony to purified all the negative energy and turn that into positive energy. If you wish to join them, we could do.
  • After that, we continue to visit one of the Coffee Plantations. We will have a break time while enjoy some complimentary test of many different coffees.
  • Then, we will drive you to the Volcano area and having your lunch there, surely while enjoy the best view in Bali.
  • The last place we will visit one of the Local houses to see how local in Bali doing their building architectures and local life activities.
  • Finally, back to the Hotel.


Day 2, we will visit the western part of Bali island that has natural beauty, this place far from the touristic area and it is worth to visit. This place will amaze you!

Itineraries : Pick up at 08:00am from your Hotel

  • At first, we will see the wonderful view of Lake Beratan Temple, this is one of the popular spot and located in high altitude, the air is so fresh and very comfortable place to enjoy.
  • After that, we will go to see the UNESCO site or heritage listed of Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, this is the biggest rice terraces that located in Bali Island. It has an Amazing view.
  • The last place will see Tanah Lot Temple, here we will see one of the Hindu temples that located further to the sea. The beauty of the ocean and the temple become very good combination ever.
  • Then back to the Hotel.


Inclusion: Local guide, comfortable car, parking fees, tax, sarong to enter the temple.

Exclusion: Entrance ticket, lunch and your personal expenses.

For further information please contact us:

Email : info@ubudbalidaytour.com or ubudbalidaytour@gmail.com

WA    : +6287761022499



tirte empul

ubud bali day tour

ubud bali day tour   20140619_175035


ubud bali day tour

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Ubud Day Tours in Bali


OM SUASTIASTU (Greeting from Bali)

Welcome to wonderful Bali, Indonesia

ubud bali day tour

In the beginning, we would like to thank you so much for clicking our Bali website, our website names Ubud Bali Day Tour. Bali is one of the smallest islands in Indonesian country, but it is the most interesting tourism destination in Indonesia. Bali has very old tradition, natural beauty and has a very unique culture that remains deeply embedded. Besides the hospitality that characteristic from the island of Bali you also could fell that Bali island or the Balinese created you a family and home atmosphere, so you will not miss your home while you’re traveling in Bali. Bali has a variety of area attractions including beaches, mountains, fields and even the village and residents with its unique culture and distinctive, historical places with a thick mystique and of course the natural beauty that is very charming. You can easily get to any places on Bali in several hours. But to the Balinese, the island is their universe, a world unto itself. Don’t expect and don’t try to rush around seeing all the places, temples and other cultural attraction on the island. The island scenery and fleeting glimpses of everyday life are just as rewarding. Best of all is to turn a corner and find a procession of ceremony and the bustle of temple festival in Bali.

Here, we would like to inform that we are a local tour operator in Bali and consider as a family business. Even though we are a family business but we are legalizing local guide that proved by the government, we are a local native and really knowledgeable about the history, culture, tradition, temples and local life that we have in Bali, we believe with our capability we could bring you to the authentic part and discover the island of Bali deeper. We would love to be your best local guide and creating a family atmosphere during your vacation in Bali. As a local business we are very flexible and also could customize any of your interest, we are happy to assist you with anything that you want to know or explore during your vacation in the island of paradise Bali. And indeed, it will bring you into a great and fabulous experiences with some beautiful Balinese memories to take home with you. In this case, Ubud tour is one of our special tour packages and most selected by tourists when they are visiting Bali island, here where tourists will visit cultural attractions and natural scenery that are very famous in Bali. For this opportunity, I am here as Bali Tour Driver would like to offer another several choices of bali tour packages that we have for interesting sights and much visited by tourists, that you can see on our tour packages site and I will accompany you as your personal tour driver.

Don’t wait and Let Start your adventure with us Ubud Bali Day Tour, the fastest respond could be from our what apps number +6287761022499. We ready at the time of your arrival, it’s any time of day or night is good for us to get you from the airport. We will explore the most amazing scenic and cultural places in Bali in a true authentic way.