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In the beginning, we would like to thank you so much for visiting our Bali website, our website name Ubud Bali Day Tour. Bali is one of the smallest islands in Indonesian country, but it is the most interesting tourism destination in Indonesia. Bali has very old tradition with natural beauty that has a very unique culture that remains deeply embedded. Besides the hospitality that characteristic from the island of Bali you also could feel that Bali Island or the Balinese created you a family and home atmosphere, so you will not miss your home while you’re traveling in Bali. Bali has a variety of area attractions including temples, beaches, mountains, fields and even the village and residents with its unique culture and distinctive, historical places with a thick mystique and of course the natural beauty that is very charming. You can easily get to any places on Bali in several hours. For the Balinese, the island is their universe, a world unto itself. Don’t expect and don’t try to rush around seeing all the places, temples and other cultural attraction on the island. The island scenery and fleeting glimpses of everyday life are just as rewarding. Best of all is to turn a corner and find a procession of ceremony and the bustle of temple festival in Bali.

Here, we would like to inform that we are a local tour operator in Bali and consider as a family business. Even though we are a small family business but we are legalizing local guide that proved by the government, we are a local native and really knowledgeable about the history, culture, tradition, temples and local life that we have in Bali. We believe with our capability we could bring you to the authentic part and discover the island of Bali deeper. We would love to be your best local guide and creating a fun atmosphere during your vacation in Bali. As a family business we are very flexible and could customize any of your interest, we are more than happy to assist you with anything that you want to know or explore during your vacation in the island of paradise Bali. Indeed, it will bring you into a great and fabulous experiences with some beautiful Balinese memories to take home with you.

One of the highlight is Ubud Village. Ubud is the village that located in the center part of Bali, many people come to this village to see the real life of Balinese. The temples with amazing architecture, the beautiful waterfall, the highlight of rice terraces, spiritual journey, culinary and others adventure activities. From this website, we would like to offer you Ubud Bali Day Tour as one of our special tour packages and most selected by tourists when they are visiting Bali Island, here where tourists will see the cultural attractions, spiritual adventure, and natural scenery that are impressive. In this opportunity, here I and my teams as a professional Bali Tour Driver would like to offer another several choices of Bali Tour Packages to you to have beautiful sights, instagramable spots, beaches, historical site, hidden gems and most others popular tourists attraction. You can take a look in our Tour Activities pages, please! Our consent is to make sure you bring unforgettable experiences with us as your personal tour driver. We ready at the time or beginning of your arrival, it’s any time of day or night is good for us to get you from the airport and we will always be ready to assist you to get your Bali Trip customize.

Obviously, we will explore the most amazing scenic and cultural places in Bali in a true authentic way. Don’t wait and Let Start your adventure with us Ubud Bali Day Tour, our fastest respond could be from our WhatsApp’s number: +6287761022499.


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Dear my lovely guest, first and foremost I would like to introduce myself, my name is Ketut Ajus, the founder and one of your driver in Bali. I am Balinese and I graduated from English University. I am very proud to the island of Bali, to the Balinese, because of their unique culture and tradition instead of religion. There are many people come to visit Bali Island, so that I built this website to give you the easiest way to explore the Island with your private Bali Driver in authentic ways. I understand there are many Tours Company that offer people Tour in variety of prices, I could say high compete. However, we are bit different, for us is important to be focus or obviously more consent on the Tours Quality and services, so that we feel happy from the both site.

In this company, we provide you drivers with good personality, English speaking and well known about Bali Island, Balinese culture and tradition. The most tourist wanted to engage on a different authentic Bali experience either on short or long period of time and this website will serve as a mode of connection towards how to avail private car hire, local tour guide and full day tour services to head start your most unforgettable experience in Bali, Indonesia. Last, our goal is to make sure you bring the most memorable and magical experiences from Bali.

Life is like a driving a vehicle, Sometime life is like a bumpy road, just make sure we never give up and keep being a good person, forgive yourself, rest and start again to continue your beautiful life, RAHAYU.


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