Ubud Village is a town on the island of Bali, Ubud has a population of about 30,000 people. Recently, it has become difficult to distinguish the town itself from the villages that surround it. The area around the town consists of small farms, paddy fields, and dense forests.

Short History of Ubud Village

Eighth-century legend tells of priest, Rsi Markendya, who meditated at the confluence of two rivers (an auspicious site for Hindus) at the Ubud locality of Campuan. Here he founded the GunungLebah Temple on the valley floor, the site of which remains a pilgrim destination.The town was originally important as a source of medicinal herbs and plants; Ubud gets its name from the word ubad (medicine).

In the late nineteenth century, Ubud became the seat of feudal lords who owed their allegiance to the king of, at one time the most powerful of Bali’s southern states. The lords were members of the caste of Sukawati, and were significant supporters of the village’s increasingly renowned arts scene.

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Tourism on the island developed after the arrival Russia who taught painting and music, and dabbled in dance. Spies and foreign painters Willem Hofker and entertained celebrities. They brought in some of the greatest artists from all over Bali to teach. In addition, training the Balinese in the arts, helped Ubud become the center of Balinese culture.

Ubud Village
Ubud Village